How a Keyword Checker Tool Could Transform Your SEO

Want to attract new customers to your website? Increase the visibility of your brand online? Boost membership to email newsletters? If you haven't yet realised the potential of SEO for your brand, here are some statistics that will blow your mind. According to Comscore, a whopping 12 billion web searches are carried out every single month. And according to Interconnected World, 44% of customers begin their journey by using a search engine. These stats speak for themselves: if you want to increase leads, improve sales, and maximise profits, you'll need a water-tight SEO solution. One way to do this is to incorporate a keyword checker tool into your marketing strategy.

Using a keyword checker tool

With a keyword checker tool, you will be able to track the keywords you have chosen for your website and see how they rank against those on the search engines. This can provide you with various insights, such as which keywords are providing you with the biggest returns, and which ones need optimising further. You will also be able to check the history of the keywords to establish whether they have increased or decreased in popularity and effectiveness over time. This will help you to discover which keywords perform better at a particular time of the year, for example in the run-up to Christmas. You will also be able to spot keyword trends in your niche and ascertain what queries people are searching for.

An SEO keyword checker will often provide you with charts, graphs, and other in-depth information for the keywords you are using, effectively providing you with more accurate insights than ever before. And it's not just Google; with a keyword checker, you can analyse your keywords over various search engines in one place.

Using SerpChimp

SerpChimp is a powerful SEO keyword checker tool that will enable you to track your marketing campaigns more effectively. Checking the position of up to 1000 different keywords, you can decide how regularly you want to be updated - providing you with more flexibility. You can set up to three milestones for each keyword and save notes for each of your target phrases in order to track your campaigns in closer detail. The keyword checker is easy to use, with a simple interface and various customer service options. Handling all the analysis and reporting, SerpChimp is a keyword checker that could benefit your business for the better.

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