Author: Cindy Cape

I studied fashion at college, specialising in design. My first job was as a junior in the design department of a major high street retailer. After three years in a very competitive and challenging industry I changed career direction. I still follow fashion and visit shows when ever I can. My next job was working for a manufacturer of kitchen equipment. I have always been a gadget nerd and after training I moved into the commercial and industrial department of the firm and have advised many of the food companies who supply ready meals on the best mixers, oven and other heavy-duty kitchen appliances for their business. The job enabled me to combine my love of food with the latest technological innovations in catering. I?m now in my early 40s and still haven?t grown out of my love of fast cars. I play badminton and enjoy reading historical fiction. My partner and I have just set up an e-based business selling high-end domestic kitchen equipment. My experiences to date are all reflected in my writing.